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Saturday, June 23, 2012

We are Looking for Venues!

My co-president Lexi (L) and I!
Hello Soccer Boss readers! I went over this briefly in a previous post but I will say it again for first-time readers. I have founded a football club in Nehemiah, Kenya and we are in need of all sorts of things (including a president who actually knows what they are doing, if there are any takers). I was tempted to provide a nice, touchy-feely but extremely lengthy anecdote on this wonderful community and all that it has given me, but I will save that post as an epilogue to this one and cut to the chase.
I recently sent down a shipment of 16 boots, a ball pump and 17 soccer balls with my co-president to "get the ball rolling" for lack of a better term, but we are supporting a football club with several players of all ages and will accept as many donations as people can spare. We would have been able to collect more before the deadline, but asking people to drop off their donations at my house was too complicated and asked too much out of someone who was already going out of their way to help us. What we are looking for are local business owners who would be willing to allow us to have people drop off donations for the club at their shop, store, restaurant, building or whatever it may be rather than having to find me or bring it to my house, which is out of the way for many of the people who offered things up.
If you or someone you know owns a local business that would be willing to have a large donation box or posters advertising our interest in old soccer gear, please send them my way!
On a side note, I am also looking for a venue to host a large scale fundraiser for our club before the end of the summer or any time that we can arrange at their convenience.
For more information or to contact me please message me via Facebook or email me at
For more information on the project, please visit our blog or "like" Nehemiah FC on Facebook.
Thank you all so much for reading my blog and supporting us!

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Unknown said...

I will send you soccer balls, cones and jerseys! Keep up the good work.
Coach Tim
Tots on Turf