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Monday, April 1, 2013

The End of an Era?

Ladies and gentleman, I am quite sure that at this point you are all sick of my metaphorical analysis and gentle opinions. Soccer Boss is not known for getting down and dirty with the tough stuff so I have brought in Victor Green, a very dear friend of mine who is a die-hard Manchester United supporter (yes, amazingly we are still friends as long as United and Basel aren't battling it out on the European stage) to voice his opinions on the current situation at Manchester United. The topic of Sir Alex Ferguson and his inevitable expiration date at the Red Devils is a bit touchy, it's one that football writers (mostly critics) either want to dig their claws into and tear to shreds or one that many of us, like myself, prefer to dance around out of respect for the man and all that he has done. Hearing these words coming from a United supporter mean so much more than when they come from a spectator, analyst or journalist. Here's Vic's take on Sir Alex's decision making and what it means for the club he loves.

Soccer Unites

Bento juggling in front of
a Hawaii sunset
Upon returning to the island of Kauai this spring after spending some time there last year I was thrilled to observe a thriving soccer community on what seems like an isolated jungle on a rock in the middle of the pacific.