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Friday, June 29, 2012

Our Weekly Catch-up

Hello Soccer Boss Readers!
Wow! What a week! I was hoping to do individual posts for all of the incredible things that have happened, but due to a time crunch and some last minute trips to the doctor, this is the best I'm going to be able to do this week. Updates include some news regarding the Kitsap Pumas and some exciting news from Kenya!

First of all, faithful Kitsap Puma fans and local readers, your Kitsap Pumas faced off against two very difficult Canadian teams on Friday the 22nd against the Vancouver Whitecaps and Sunday the 24th against the Victoria Highlanders. Pictures from both matches can be found on the Soccer Boss Facebook page and a full album from the match against Victoria Highlanders is available on the Soccer Boss Shutterfly site, which is open to all viewers, members and nonmembers alike. Updates on the condition of the Kitsap Pumas for tonight's match:
Taylor Hyde is back on thepitch for the Pumas
Kitsap are in 2nd place right behind their opponent the Washington Crossfire. If Kitsap win, they take back the first place spot and secure the Ruffneck Cup against their local rivals. A loss would mean that they fall further down the table, but will not slip from a playoff spot. They will likely be missing Matt Friesen and Chris Bettencourt due to knee injuries but Chris is making a rapid recovery from knee surgery and should be available soon. They will also be missing midfielder Elliot Fauske for this game and for Sunday's match against North Sound Seawolves due to his red card that was received during the scrappy match against the Victoria Highlanders. Pumas announced this week that they had signed another midfielder, Zack Mahon, who may make an appearance tonight. Taylor Hyde has made his recovery from double hip surgeries and will likely start.
We have an update from Kenya! I had a lovely Skype conversation with my co-president Lexi and our Kenya connection and Nehemiah FC player Shebby a few days ago. They had some fantastic and exciting news for me! First of all, the shoes and balls were a huge hit. Lexi and I were concerned about the number of shoes we sent down, realizing that there were not enough for each player regardless of the sizes we sent. Luckily, Shebby was quick to think and devised a check-out system for the cleats so that all the shoes would be properly used and accounted for after each practice and game.
Speaking of practices and games, I was thrilled to be informed that Shebby holds daily practices and arranged a friendly for us! Nehemiah FC won their first official friendly game on Sunday, June 24, 2012! Here are some pictures from Lexi. More photos can be found on the official Facebook pages of Soccer Boss and Nehemiah FC and will soon be available on Shutterfly.

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