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Kenyan Soccer Project

Hey everyone this is the unofficial blog site for the Kenyan Soccer Project. If you are reading this right now, I am VERY impressed that you even clicked on the link.
So far, aside from some blog posts (the first one and the second one) and a skype meeting with Shebby, Lexi and I are waiting for some more information to come from our sources in Kenya. What we are hoping to do in the meantime is collect visual media to use (photographs, mostly) on the Kenyan Soccer Project's official social networking pages, which will be up and running here soon. I am also hoping that we will be able to get up some information about Lexi and I and our connections over in Kenya, Shebby and John.
We are currently finalizing the small, but major details (like a club name!) but as soon as we have a name and a final draft of our club crest we will be up and running on almost every major social networking sites and will hopefully have our own blog so that we won't have to piggy back off of Soccer Boss. If you are interested in seeing our project so far in photos, check out my facebook page and look under the album "Kenyan Soccer Project"
I can't wait to get connected and see what these communities can do!
XX Madi