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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sporting Lisbon 0-0 FC Basel

Streller and his men settle for the draw

The reigning Swiss Champions FC Basel secure an important point in Lisbon with a display of tactical brilliance which can be credited to German coach Heiko Vogel and his assistants.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Kenya Soccer Project: In My Words

"Football is not just a simple game. It's also a weapon of the revolution." ~Che Guevara 

From Che Guevara, the South American Marxist revolutionary with a soft spot for football to the committed members of the Trinity Youth, the founders of the Bundesliga super power Borussia Dotrmund, we are all catalysts of the beautiful game. We recognize the power and awe that this sport brings to spectators, players, referees, critics, writers and all other witnesses to the magic that occurs on the pitch week in, week out. With its global popularity, simple rules and incredible malleability, football is an ideal tool for empowering the youth of third world nations and giving an outlet of leadership and expression to those who are in need of it.