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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

NSCAA Educates Young Coaches From BIFC

On Tuesday, NSCAA coach and Director of Coaching at Emerald City FC, Erik Oman, came out to the Commodore fields on Bainbridge Island to educate a group of coaches young and old, but mostly young players who are products of the BIFC academy themselves, on the basics of coaching young children. He demonstrated a coaching philosophy that revolved around fun, positive attitudes and encouragement and most of all, nurturing a love of the game and self confidence in young children.

Coach and former player Erik Oman shares his coaching
 tips with BIFC coaches and educators 
Demonstrating how to capture the attention of a large
 group of young children. "Simon says..."
His methods activated some passionate
and skilled little soccer players!
The student coaches then got to actively participate in some fun games!

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