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Saturday, August 18, 2012

FC Basel 2-0 Lausanne-Sport

Salah caused some serious problems for Lausanne's defense
FC Basel are back on track now with two consecutive wins in the Swiss Axpo Super League. Their campaign hit a bit of a lull early on after they struggled to play in their usual dominant form and earned themselves only draws against some of the tougher teams in the league, but they have now secured two decisive wins and are now in second place in the Super League.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Long Time No Post!

Lexi and I are planning a mission to Kenya!
Apologies dear readers for not posting anything in a while! I've been working away at my soccer project in Kenya recently and I am thrilled to announced that in August of 2013, I will likely be posting from Miwani, Kenya! The arrangements have been made and my co-president and I are now working feverishly at assembling a team of coaches, players and soccer fanatics to go to Kenya and spend a month structuring the youth academy for Nehemiah FC and running kids camps to get the youth excited about soccer and to use the camps to educate coaches that we will seed into the youth academy! We are SO excited to be making headway like this and I am SO excited to be able to go over and finally see all of the hard work that we have been putting into this pay off! I am also excited to announce that Nehemiah FC is playing in their very first tournament. Shebby is away from the internet right now and can't send me many details, but so far I know that we have drawn the first game 1-1 and it was a very good match. If anyone would like any more information on this mission trip that we will be taking or how they can help, please refer to this link.
English Premier League is kicking off this weekend and I am totally stoked. I will be posting full reviews and possibly individual match reports for the better games or the game of the week in addition to match reports for FC Basel and other smaller league games that I view!