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Friday, July 27, 2012

All the Fun on the LFC Tour 2012

The Jersey and I Have Landed :D
Well, I knew this day would come. The day when I make the transition from objective (well... with everything except Basel) writer who is more comparable to the title "journalist" than the title "blogger" to a full blown blogger. And one that is also a borderline stalker as well. I've just checked in to the hotel in Baltimore, Maryland, a lovely place so far with some incredible nightlife but probably not somewhere I would just pick up and go to if it weren't for football.

Liverpool has been training along the East Coast of the United States, already playing against Toronto FC up in Canada and against Serie A side AS Roma in Boston this past week. Tomorrow they will face off against a side that they are rather familiar with, considering the two sides clash at least twice a season in the respective English leagues. Tottenham Hotspur have also made the trip across the Atlantic to the United States and are playing against The Reds in Baltimore tomorrow, which is why I have traveled to this lovely seaside city when I could be sitting at home watching a combined 12 hours of Olympic, Swiss, USL and MLS soccer. Like I said, we have just checked in and I am now taking the time to sit down and... apologize for the transition I am about to make in my writing. Faithful Soccer Boss readers, feel free to skip past this entry and all of the future updates as well, for I can't guarantee there will be anything of substance. All I have to report so far are some Liverpool fan sightings in the airport in Washington DC where I landed a few hours ago and a Blackburn Rovers (WTF??) fan who was checking in to the hotel right before we were. One was sporting a nice Liverpool kit (an old fashion, nearly retro one at that, for the sponsor was still Carlsberg) and the other was only identified as a soccer fan because of the bright yellow voovoozela he was carrying. I hear through the grapevine that there are several fans across the street, so I am hoping that a host of wonderful photos of the Reds community out here are headed your way soon. I may also sweet talk some Spurs fans into posing for me... ;)

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