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Monday, April 1, 2013

Soccer Unites

Bento juggling in front of
a Hawaii sunset
Upon returning to the island of Kauai this spring after spending some time there last year I was thrilled to observe a thriving soccer community on what seems like an isolated jungle on a rock in the middle of the pacific.

Last year I was down on the South end of the island where I ran into Jorge Bordt- former USA National futsal team player and now a dedicated coach to a talented group of young futsal players. This year we stayed north of Lihue but along with seeing multiple posters advertising futsal and youth soccer camps we met soccer players and fans along the way. Amazing what can happen when you kick a ball around the beach or wear your favorite team's jersey!
Jason our bartender showing his moves
We watched the USA vs Costa Rica game from the warmth of our Waikiki hotel room (we stopped on Oahu before going over to Kauai) and when the USA took on Mexico, the extreme weather flip-flopped as we, the spectators, watched out at the pool bar after wading through inches of standing water and waving off the flash-flood warnings. We met Jason the bartender who had some wicked free-styling skills, we met a man whose son was returning from U-20 National Team tryouts, and we enjoyed observing the various jerseys that beach goers were sporting.
No matter where you are, football will be there. That is one of the many reasons why football is my constant. Even if you are thousands of miles away from home, the beautiful game will find you in places you never expected to and can help you build great relationships with people you would otherwise have nothing in common with. I am looking forward to seeing where else I can stumble upon some football!

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