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Thursday, August 1, 2013

BIFC Hosts NSCAA Coaching Clinic

BIFC coach Ian McCallum leads
student coaches through a drill
BIFC coaches were able to participate in a fantastic coaching clinic put on by coaches Erik Oman, George Hagaege and our very own Ian McCallum over the course of two July weekends on the pristine pitches of Bainbridge Island. Participants in the NSCAA clinic represented clubs all over Washington as well as a few visitors from out of state. The popularity of the course could be due to their passion for educating, as NSCAA Washington State Director Hagaege, "The NSCAA has always been focused on the process of making coaches more effective teachers of the game of soccer." Prospective or current coaches are very attracted to the teaching methods of the NSCAA. While listening in on the first session at Bainbridge High School, it was clear that the emphasis was on teaching soccer players, not instructing them. The mentor coaches, primarily McCallum, demonstrated games that were compatible with the short attention spans of young athletes and answered plenty of questions on how to interact with youth players during practices and games.

BIFC representatives observing a mock training session
The curriculum aims to provide educational tools to boost the current knowledge of coaches and gives them new tools to build on previous coaching licenses and experiences. Looking at coaching from an educational standpoint and understanding the important role that team sports plays in childhood development is crucial to developing not only fantastic soccer players but also fantastic community members. While participating coaches will be given new tools for their soccer toolboxes, students of the game will be beneficiaries of their new knowledge and continued pursuit of their soccer education.
View the full album from the first session here

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