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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rangers FC 1-1 Montrose

A stunning equalizer from David Gray in the 89th minute of play secured Montrose a hard-fought point at the Ibrox against Rangers FC. 

Much of the match had been presumably dominated by the Rangers, who currently hold down the first place spot with an impressive 20 point lead, but the match was still box-to-box action despite the odds being stacked against the visiting side. Rangers applied steady, nearly constant pressure to Montrose's defense, who held together well and put on a good performance against Rangers strong strike force. Despite the constant pressure on their goal, Montrose made the most of their chances on the ball. They were quick and organized on the counter and quick to transition back to defense when they lost possession up front, preventing them from conceding when they risked an attack.
David Gray (pictured during his time with
the Kitsap Pumas) was the man of the
moment at the Ibrox this afternoon
In the closing minutes of the first half after Montrose had battled to keep the scoreline 0-0, a deflection from their back line meant that Templeton's shot popped up and over the outstretched arms of Gibson and landed neatly in the back of the visitor's net to give Rangers a 1-0 lead going into the halftime break.
The second half was much more open than the first. Montrose were able to pass the ball a bit more than they had in the first half but the Rangers back line still had a relatively quiet evening. Rangers tried desperately to make it 2-0 as pressure from the visitors accumulated and they seemed to be getting closer and closer to finding an equalizer. Gibson again had a fantastic half and Montrose's defense threw their bodies on the line to deny Rangers on several occasions.
With just a few minutes left in play for Rangers to hang on to the 1-0 lead, second half substitution David Gray found himself with a yard or so of space outside of Rangers penalty area. Gray scored s right-footed scorcher against the Rangers the last time the two sides met on Montrose's home field  just moments after entering the match. He had come on about midway through the second half, but yet again Gray was able to find the back of the net. Although it seemed impossible to upstage the dramatic finish that was his first goal against the Glasgow side, Gray's equalizer at the Ibrox was simply stunning on an entirely different level. His rocket shot from thirty yards out found the back of the net for Montrose and secured them a lucky point and a deserved goal in the Scottish Third Division.
Rangers FC's Andrew Dickson's take on the match

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