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Saturday, August 18, 2012

FC Basel 2-0 Lausanne-Sport

Salah caused some serious problems for Lausanne's defense
FC Basel are back on track now with two consecutive wins in the Swiss Axpo Super League. Their campaign hit a bit of a lull early on after they struggled to play in their usual dominant form and earned themselves only draws against some of the tougher teams in the league, but they have now secured two decisive wins and are now in second place in the Super League.

Basel and Lausanne didn't play out the smoothest of fixtures, but the game gave both teams the chance to show their passing skills and their ability to patiently build attacks. Lausanne hit a wall that was Basel's defense in their attacking third, but the home side were able to break through Lausanne's defense. The first of Basel's two goals was a great header from the captain Marco Streller who used his towering height to reach the ball and knock it into the back of the net. More impressive than the header was well-placed cross to the far post from Basel's Egyptian striker Salah, who has proven to be a fantastic signing by Heiko Vogel and his staff. Salah collected the ball from his outside defender, Joo Ho Park, on the wing and carried it past the Lausanne defender, swinging the cross over the heads of the men in the box and the hands of the visiting keeper Debonnaire to the head of his captain. Basel took the 1-0 lead just before the halftime break.
The second half started much like the first half with the home side passing around and Lausanne making the occasional attack. In the 48th minute Basel's winger Degen had to come off after he was elbowed in the mouth and began bleeding but his side coped fine as they were short a man for a few moments. Salah was stirring up plenty of trouble for the Lausanne defense, getting a fantastic chance in the 52nd minute but his effort was just off target. Both teams had settled into a rhythm and were passing well in their own halves. They weren't overambitious on the attack and waited until the other side allowed spaces to open up before penetrating and going for goal. Basel's substitute Zoua had a good chance when he got the ball in the area but he was unable to control the firm pass before he was pick-pocketed by the defenders.
It looked like 1-0 was going to be the final score as Basel fended off the attack from the visitors and Lausanne were working hard to prevent Basel's attackers, especially Salah, from getting a good effort on goal. In the 81st minute, Salah was quick to get on the end of a pass as he sped down the wing and demonstrated some excellent individual effort to get a shot on goal. He didn't miss this time despite his close calls throughout the match and he gave his side the 2-0 lead.
For the remainder of the match, Basel possessed and much to the frustration of the Lausanne defenders, kept creating some chances for themselves. In the end they settled for the two goals and a full three points, heading into the tunnel to the cheering of their home fans.

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