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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kickoff! FutbolforLife 2013

Want to kick off your new year right? Join us for the eighth annual Kitsap Cup tournament FutbolforLife benefiting children in Sierra Leone!

Many people go through their entire lives wishing they could make a difference in this world. Dreaming, but never doing. It always amazes me how many people settle for mere survival or for living a “good” life. Why not live a life where not only you thrive, but where the people around you or people residing across continents and oceans can also thrive because of your actions?
The Kitsap Cup staff hard at work in
one of our many planning meetings
Sierra Leone was once the poorest nation on planet earth. Scarred by the intense colonization that left many African nations in tatters, the country and its people were struggling to get back on their feet and find their voice in a rapidly developing world. From 1991 to 2002, the country was again torn apart by a civil war where people were the victims of brutal war crimes. The silent cries of the children of Sierra Leone were not ignored. Children of the Nations International is one of the humanitarian organizations who stepped in to give children a safe haven and resources to create a better life for themselves than the ones of their predecessors. Not only were they given an education and medical care year round, but they were given hope and love – basic foundations for success that we take for granted in our stable and functional communities in places like Washington.
A letter from a sponsored child
JT Knowlton and his wife Genevieve were some of the generous and thoughtful individuals who heard the cries of the children in need. Aware of the situation in Sierra Leone and influenced by fellow community member Wes Davis at Newlife, they started to sponsor children for various relatives as incredibly meaningful gifts, gifts that keep on giving! The Knowlton’s came to Louie and his family with a proposal: can we support this excellent cause, Children of the Nations, through our common love for soccer? The answer was “Yes!” and Kitsap Cup was born. Since then the tournament has touched the lives of hundreds of people all over our community in the United States and in the community that Children of the Nations International is involved with in Sierra Leone.
Every year through Kitsap Cup children’s basic medical needs, school fees and small expenses are covered by the funds that we raise at this tournament. Teams that are registered are assigned a child that their money will be benefiting and they are encouraged to write to their child and tell them about who they are, what they like to do and most importantly, how they fared in the tournament! Throughout the year, tournament organizers, especially Wendy Bond, write to the children and read their letters. This year at the tournament past photographs and letters from our sponsored children will be on display for people to read so that they can get to know the kids they are sponsoring, the growth process is amazing and it is wonderful to track their progress and see their success over the years that they have been sponsored by Kitsap Cup teams.
"A world community can only exist with world communication, which means something more than extensive software facilities scattered about the globe. It means common understanding, a common tradition, common ideas and common ideals." ~Robert M. Hutchins
Happy to be helping so much by
doing something we love!
Not only has Kitsap Cup provided necessities through children in Sierra Leone, but it has also connected people within two communities and created a bridge of communication across the Atlantic Ocean between two groups of people who share one love. Soccer has incredible powers to bring people together, regardless of your age, gender, religious affiliation, race or even the language that you speak. We all speak the beautiful game and we are incredibly blessed to use it to help those in need. 
It doesn’t take much to change the world. Putting a smile on the face of a fellow human just radiates joy and positivity into this world. Join me, Madi Williamson AKA Soccer Boss/Camera Girl and the staff and players behind Kitsap Cup on New Year’s Day this year to get your 2013 started off with a fun event that benefits a great cause!

Tournament Details 

The tournament will be held at Olympic Soccer and Sports Center. To register, please follow this link and spread the word if you are unable to play! We are pleased to announce that this season we will be holding futsal in addition to youth and adult games, so get your teams registered early so that you can be bracketed! A House Team will be available for non-competitive adult players, please contact us with any questions!

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