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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Help Us Reach Our Goal!

Nehemiah FC staff in the United States are currently organizing our first trip to Kenya, but we need your help!

Being the slight OCD perfectionist that I am when it comes to blogging and publicizing, I wanted to wait until I had video footage, an etsy page, tons of photos, a nearly perfect club website, and a whole bunch of other things BUT there is no time like a present, so I am sending this post out with hope and faith that the information I am about to present to my faithful Soccer Boss readers and Nehemiah FC fans will be enough to convince you to spread the word about our effort to raise money for our coaching trip to Kenya! 

Please donate to our Fundly campaign, or by mail! We are trying to raise 10,000 to tie up loose ends (extra socks, shorts etc. so that our team can match), help support some of our volunteers in their fundraising, bring all of the equipment that we have collected to the team and help us continue to send equipment to the team when necessary. This money will continue to surplus the club. It seems like a large goal, but each little donation even just ten dollars will help us greatly. Please pass this link on to anyone who would be interested in helping us make the world a better place through the beautiful game!

For more details on our trip, click here and for more details on the club, click here.

Nehemiah International
P.O. Box 11791
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
Checks are made out to Nehemiah International. Please specify somewhere on the check that this is for the American Soccer Team Trip (these donations are tax-deductible due to the non-profit status of Nehemiah International!)

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