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Monday, May 28, 2012

EURO 2012 Group Preview
This summer the footballing world will turn it's attention to Poland and Ukraine as they host the 2012 EURO Cup. The qualifying stage for the European nations began shortly after the 2010 World Cup, and now sixteen of the best National Teams in Europe are ready to shine on the world stage. Here is a look at the first round of fixtures in the group stage and the groups themselves for this tournament, which kicks off on June 8th in Warsaw, Poland.

Group A:
Poland, Greece, Russia, Czech Republic
June 8, 2012
18:00: Poland vss Greece
20:45: Russia vs. Czech Republic

Group B:
Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Portugal
June 9, 2012
18:00: Netherlands vs. Denmark
20:45: Germany vs. Portugal

Group C:
Spain, Italy, Republic of Ireland, Croatia
June 10, 2012
18:00: Spain vs. Italy
20:45: Rep. of Ireland vs. Croatia

Group D:
France, England, Ukraine, Sweden
June 11, 2012
18:00: France vs. England
20:45: Ukraine vs. Sweden

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