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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Monterrey are CONCACAF Champions!

Congratulations to Monterrey (from Monterrey, Mexico) who have just defeated Santos in an intense thriller of a match to be crowned CONCACAF Champions! They now qualify for the 2012 Club World Cup and will face off against the best from around the world.

Just a side note- the winner was determined on aggregate over two legs, one at Santos's home pitch and one in Monterrey. The final aggregate score was 3-2 after Santos managed to rally and score two goals. But why on earth would a competition determine the winner of a championship final with aggregate? I personally think that's ridiculous, but maybe there is some really good reason that is unknown to me since I pride myself in specializing in Swiss soccer, not CONCACAF... I don't even know what CONCACAF stands for.
Well, this has been a short and sweet article written in a rather sarcastic manner. Think of this like talking to me, because if I were to call someone and tell them that Monterrey won the CONCACAF Champions League, the paragraph above is along the lines of what I would actually say. Along with "Umm... so what's CONCACAF? And why do they play two legs for their final? I almost went to Monterrey."

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